Beenleigh has some new crime fighting tools with nine new state-of-the-art CCTV cameras switched on today.

It marks the tenth year of Logan City Council’s Safety Camera Program.

Hayley Robertson reports.


The message from Logan Mayor Pam Parker today was clear.

Pam Parker, Logan City Mayor: “Do the crime in Logan and you’ll do the time, you’ll be before the courts.”

The Beenleigh cameras, funded by the Australian Government’s Safer Suburbs initiative, mean Logan Council now monitors more than 330 safety cameras across the city.

Pam Parker, Logan City Mayor: “We’re committed to this region and also in relation to working with police in relation to law and order.”

The nine new cameras have been installed in hot spots throughout the Beenleigh CBD.

Together they’ll overlap to monitor the area’s busiest streets, transport stations and public areas around the clock.

And with security camera footage helping to piece together the tragic last moments of Jill Meagher’s disapearance in Melbourne, Queensland Police have no doubt CCTV footage will be invaluable.

Existing cameras are already helping to turnaround not guilty pleas.

Superintendent Noel Powers, Queensland Police Service: “A picture is worth a thousand words, some of this video evidence is worth a thesis, you just can’t put a price on it.”

As well as providing vital evidence to the courts, these state of the art cameras will also assist Queensland Police in preventing crime.

Noel Powers, Queensland Police Service: “And it’s all about trying to enhance community safety.”

And for those worried about the Big Brother invading their privacy.

Pam Parker, Logan City Mayor: “You’ve got nothing to fear if you aren’t doing anything wrong.”

Hayley Robertson, QUT News.