It was the worst possible result for teams looking for a missing vintage bi-plane.

This afternoon they located the scattered wreckage on a ridgeline near Lake Borumba.

All six people aboard have been confirmed dead.

Hayley Robertson reports.


The AGL Action rescue helicopter discovered the wreckage by air this afternoon and was able to land 200 metres away.

Search crews and paramedics continued to the site on foot.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has described the crash as ‘high impact’, the plane virtually disintegrating when it hit the ground near Borumba Dam south of Gympie.

David Donaldson, Action Rescue CEO: “It’s no longer a search, it’s not a rescue, this is a matter of working with police to begin the investigation process.”

The aircraft was last seen Monday afternoon circling a valley north of Lake Borumba in cloud cover.

Soon after the plane’s distress beacon was activated.

On board was pilot Des Porter, his wife Kath and two other couples, close friends of the Porters.

Search authorities this afternoon, notified the families of all those aboard, of the grim discovery.

Recovery efforts will continue tomorrow.

Hayley Robertson, QUT News.