Queensland billionaire Clive Palmer will unveil completed plans of his version of the Titanic at a star-studded gala event in New York this December.

The dinner will mark the global launch of what Palmer calls Titanic 2.

Laura Bianchi reports.


Palmer says there has been an overwhelming response from the public interested in purchasing tickets on the ship.

However the billionaire says the venture is not about money.

Clive Palmer, Owner of Titanic II: “We’ll do whatever it takes, we’ll go as hard as we have to to ensure the original experience of the ship is reproduced.”

To complete the authenticity of the cruise Palmer said all staff will be fitted with clothing in 19th Century style.

An Irish band will also play in 3rd class until early hours of the morning.

Palmer says the Titanic II will accommodate people across numerous classes.

Clive Palmer, Owner of Titanic II: “It’s a chance for millionaires and people like myself to go back, to know what it’s like to mix with the ordinary people of the world, so we don’t get too far removed in our ivory towers.”

Palmer said the liner will visit Australia at some stage, describing the ship as ‘the property of the world’.

Laura Bianchi, QUT News.