The A-League season for the Brisbane Roar kicks off this Sunday.

Today players trained with a group of six-year-olds to promote their sport in the community.

Ansley O’Keefe reports.


Players Shane Steffanutto, Erik Paartulu and captain Matt Smith were promoting the Roar Active Program.

Getting children involved in soccer is an important part of the club, these kids may one day even play for the Roar.

Shane Steffanutto, Brisbane Roar player: “It’s a great initiative from the Brisbane Roar and it’s great to have Pauls on board. You can see the kids love having a kick around with us.”

Stefanutto says he’s a kid at heart and the program is fun.

Shane Steffanutto, Brisbane Roar player: “Haven’t done it as much as we would like to, with football and everything but when I do get an opportunity, I make the most of it that’s for sure.”

Pauls have recommitted as sponsors to the Roar Active program, where they hope to engage with 50,000 kids across the state in the next year.

Andy Pincher, Brisbane Roar Community Program Manager: “They’re the future of the sport and what we’re doing at the schools and clubs. That’s the next generation of football fans.”

Roar’s first game of the A-League season is a grand final rematch against Perth and the players are looking forward to the challenge.

Shane Steffanutto, Brisbane Roar player: “We’ve only had one or two sessions this week but it’s exciting. Everyone is getting a bit nervous. Can’t wait for it all to kick off.”

But today at least, there were no losers.

Ainsley O’Keefe, QUT News.