The Kangaroos squad has been selected for this month’s one-off Rugby League test match.

The team will play against New Zealand in Townsville.

Laura Churchill reports.


There were no surprises in the team selection with several players left out because of injuries.

Twelve players from Sunday’s NRL grand final were chosen in both the Australian and New Zealand teams, six each from the Bulldogs and the Storm.

Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens only found out this morning that the Kiwis won the battle for Bulldogs star Sam Kasiano.

Although Sheens was pleased with the selection of Robbie Farrah for the utilities place on bench.

Tim Sheens, Australian Coach: “I like the idea of some extra dummy half running against this team. It’ll be a hot night, so we’ll wanna, we’ll want to answer their dummy half running with a little bit that way as well.”

Sheens, who was recently sacked from the West Tigers said that Australia needs to win the match in order for him to keep his job leading into the world cup next year.

Laura Churchill, QUT News.