The Taxi Council of Queensland is warning customers about a growing number of bogus taxi booking applications.

The third party internet apps may get users into trouble, instead of getting them home safely.

Matt Willms reports.


Apps like this are readily available to download; most are free but certainly not secure.

Using them involves entering your personal details which it’s warned can compromise both the user’s safety as well as the reputation of Brisbane’s taxi industry.

Benjamin Walsh, Taxi Council Qld: “Ultimately we could possibly see someone potentially being assaulted or exploited and that would be an abject disaster for the taxi industry.”

Authorised apps give users a booking number and that booking is traceable.

Benjamin Walsh, Taxi Council Qld: “We don’t seek to discourage people from using smartphone apps, we are just mindful of the fact that there are applications out there that don’t feed directly into regulated dispatch systems.”

And who knows what sort of vehicle and driver might arrive at your front door, and there’s no guarantee the booking will be honoured.

Peter Black, QUT Internet and Media Law: “You should be cautious when handing over your personal information, particularly things like your address to any application, mobile or otherwise unless you trust them.”

Taxi Council Queensland recommends only using the authorised applications listed on their website.

If you have any concerns about downloading and using booking apps contact the Taxi Council.

Matt Willms, QUT News.