When you’re talking about fundraising, you can’t get much more strength behind a campaign than with Australia’s toughest men and women.

And that was the case today when two of the country’s strongest muscled-up to help promote the McGrath Foundation.

Emilie Guillemain reports.


It’s not every day you see someone attempting to move a Western Star truck like this with just brute strength.

Warrick Brant reckons it’s all in a day’s work and, with a bit of sweat, the wheels underneath eight tonnes of metal started slowly moving.

He’ll be competing this weekend in the Australian Amateur Strongman Championships at Redcliffe. And the event will raise funds for the McGrath Foundation’s support for breast cancer nurses across Australia.

Scott Jones, Strongman Promoter: “Knowing breast cancer is very huge – my mum had it – we were looking for a charity, we heard about the McGrath Foundation and it was a match basically, for me.”

Warrick Brant, Truck Pull Contestant: “Just knowing that you’re just trying to increase the speed all the time and the faster you go, you realise there’s a truck behind you. It’s one thing to be able to pull it but to pull it fast, it’s a bit of an adrenaline rush.”

Then it was Sue Metcalf’s turn and she’s just as passionate about this sort of challenge and what it stands for.

Sue Metcalf, Truck Pull Contestant: “I guess the thrill of pulling something that’s so much heavier than your own body weight. Knowing that you’ve got that strength in your body to do that is pretty amazing.”

The event is on at the Dolphins Health Precinct in Redcliffe this Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

Western Star Trucks have donated over $2 million worth of trucks for the event and is sure this won’t be the last truck pull to support the McGrath Foundation.

Emilie Guillemain, QUT News.