The State Government has pledged to sell a caravan park in Brisbane’s Cannon Hill in a bid to return the budget to surplus.

But long term residents are worried they’ll have nowhere to live.

Kate Leonard-Jones reports.


Many of the 197 registered residents of Monte Carlo are elderly or suffer from a disability, and they fear they won’t be able to handle moving out.

Jim Barrett, Resident: “Well what can you do hey, you’re more or less. See if I’ve got to go somewhere else, I’ve got to dump all that, which I can’t just pick up and bloody tow it away anywhere.”

Some have spent thousands of dollars renovating their homes and are angry they weren’t told about the sale earlier.

Susan Moran, Resident: “We bought this just before, I am not exactly sure how long, but it wasn’t long before they slipped that note on our door. So I think they should have told me before I bought it.”

Residents say they’ve been forgotten.

JB, Resident: “We have to have the needs of the constituents in the park who are taxpayers and who have been taxpayers previously. Some are now retired, some have heart problems, we have people in here with cancer, with disabilities.”

The residents have formed a seven person committee to fight the sale. They’ve even proposed buying it off the state government but are yet to know their fate.

They’ll have 18 months after the sale to relocate. Housing commissions already have waiting lists of up to six years.

Jo-Ann Miller, Shadow Minister for Housing: “What the government intends on doing is selling off the land from under them and this is very typical of the cold and callous way in which they’ve been treated by this government.”

Kate Leonard-Jones, QUT News.