Queensland may be left without some firefighting services from this Friday as their union decides to strike.

The action is another headache for Premier Campbell Newman who continues to be hounded by critics.

Rachel Kramer reports.


Campbell Newman is promising to put Queensland back on track.

At a lunch organised by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Premier outlined his vision for a prosperous Queensland.

Campbell Newman, Queensland Premier: ”But I say this, when it comes to this government we unashamedly are going for economic growth.”

There was spontaneous applause when he announced plans to reduce liability for directors and cut red tape for businesses.

Outside, protestors who had crashed his address to business leaders were less enthusiastic.

Members of Queensland Uncut, an advocacy group formed in late July in response to community service cuts, were demanding the Premier’s resignation.

Robert Nicholas, Queensland Uncut Organiser: ”He’s outlining his vision to a luncheon of all these business people who have paid $150 yet it’s the public servant who lives in constant fear for their job.”

Premier Newman is facing criticism on all sides with the Firefighters union announcing industrial action commencing this Friday over enterprise bargaining agreements.

John Oliver, United Firefighters Union:”It’s nothing to do with money whatsoever.”

Mr Oliver says firies have been driven to this point by the government’s irrational demands including the removal of workplace health and safety clauses.

John Oliver, United Firefighters Union: “We’re heading into a potential fire crisis and this range of demands and attacks on firefighters is getting to the point now where it’s beyond the pale.”

He says the strike action will impact mainly administrative services and won’t mean less firefighters in the field.

Rachel Kramer, QUT news.