Some of Queenland’s bravest and brightest citizens have been awarded for their outstanding contribution to the State.

Governer Penelope Wensley announced the recipients of the Australian Honours and Awards at a ceremony at Government House.

Zac Street reports.


They acted way beyond the call of duty.

Twenty-two notable Queenslanders shook hands with the Governor, acknowledging selfless achievements in their fields.

One of the day’s main awards, a commendation for brave conduct, was given to a former police sergeant, who for security reasons can’t be identified, for his role in capturing the man responsible for the Childers Backpackers Hostel Fire in 2000.

Other police efforts were also recognised.

Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Codd was awarded the Australian Police Medal, after 28 years of service.

Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Codd, Award Recipient: “These are things you certainly don’t expect and don’t seek, but it’s certainly very humbling.”

Mr Codd has seen the police service change dramatically.

Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Codd, Award Recipient: “I can honestly say that the people of Queensland can be justifiably very proud and confident of its police service because the organisation that we are today is not the one that we were when I first started.”

Aside from today’s main awards, a large cross-section of the Queensland community were also acknowledged, including arts, medicine and emergency services.

Rescue worker Iain MacCulloch received the Emergency Services Medal for his role in coordinating the 2011 flood recovery.

He says the awards represent the best qualities of Queenslanders.

Iain MacCulloch, Award Recipient: “I think we’re unique in the world. We have that ethos, we just pitch in and help our mates and total strangers. It’s great.”

The Governor will present more awards later this week.

Zac Street, QUT News.