Airbus has unveiled its new vision for the future – an aircraft which promises a whole new interactive experience.

The technologically advanced design aims for passengers to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.

Tahlia Butler reports.


The year is 2050.

The traditional aircraft layout is gone.

Instead you can individually adjust the light, music and temperature around you, depending on your mood.

There’ll also be an interactive virtual environment.

Charles Champion, Airbus: “In the middle its work was about interactivity, so it has a virtual environment, a virtual reality, so they can actually try and play golf, or have a conference or have a chat round the bar.”

As well as comfort, Airbus is also focusing on sustainability, producing planes that will reduce carbon emissions and noise, and have quicker passenger journeys.

Charles Champion, Airbus: “At least there is one answer, which is, we need to be more efficient in fuel, in CO2s and in noise.”

The aircraft will also incorporate alternative energy sources, such as renewably-powered propelled acceleration.

While the future of air travel looks to be exciting, preventing the fuel costs from rising is an important part of the new Airbus design.

The use of biofuels will keep the costs down, and ensure that people continue to travel affordably.

Airbus says it’ll focus on a “gate to gate” experience, reducing flight times by on average 13 minutes – welcome news for travellers.

Tahlia Butler, QUT News.