Fire authorities are continuing to monitor large grassfires in Queensland’s northwest.

While no homes are under immediate threat the blaze serves a timely reminder for the whole state, as we enter bushfire season.

Zac Street reports.


As fire and rescue crews work to contain grassfires in Mount Isa, residents are being warned of the fire dangers which come with the start of spring.

Authorities say conditions are set to continue for the next few days.

Tamani Nair, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service: “There’s a very high fire danger for the Northwest district and hot conditions and strong winds are expected.”

Experts say it’s the perfect conditions for bushfires.

Pradeep Singh, Bureau of Meterology: “Winds are one of the main factors. The amount of drying as well. This year we’ve seen a lot of drying weather.”

After two years of La Nina conditions, bringing higher than average rainfall, weather forecasters are predicting a shift back to an El Nino weather pattern.

Pradeep Singh, Bureau of Meterology: “At the moment conditions are in the average area. We’re looking at an average season. But there’s a slight tendency that’ll lead to a shift in El Nino conditions later this year.”

Bushfire season doesn’t only pose threats to homes and properties. For some the smoke and haze can lead to severe health problems.

In particular those with respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Suffers are being urged to take precautions during this season.

Tanya Raineri, Asthma Foundation Queenlsand: “One of the most important things is to actually avoid bushfire smoke if at all possible. So if you are in an afffected area to seal up your homes and cars as much as possible, certainly don’t go exercising.”

Zac Street, QUT News.