A body has been found in Moreton Bay, during a search for a 61-year-old man, missing after he fell from a dinghy.

Water Police and the Coast Guard had carried out a full scale search for the man, last night and today.

Kate Leonard-Jones reports.


It’s a fishing trip that went awfully wrong.

Three men left Russell Island in their dinghy yesterday at midday but failed to reach Dunwich safetly.

Snr Sgt Warren Francis, Brisbane Water Police: “About 8:30pm last night a gentlemen fell from a boat around the Dunwich area in Moreton Bay. The gentlemen he was with had a quick search, were unable to locate him and then made their way to the Dunwich Police Station and raised the alarm.”

It’s believed the boat’s outboard had stalled and the man simply lost his balance and fell overboard when the men attempted to restart the engine.

Snr Sgt Warren Francis, Brisbane Water Police: “They tried to get an oar and extend the oar out to him but unfortunately he was unable to grab that, when they started the boat again they tried to motor back to where they believed he was and he was unable to be located.”

The Coast Guard searched through the night for the missing man who wasn’t wearing a life jacket.

A body was found by a passing vessel washed up on Peel Island today at around twelve thirty. Police are yet to identify the deceased but are continuing their investigations.

Kate Leonard-Jones, QUT News.