Police fear missing ABC radio employee, Jill Meagher, has met with foul play.

She was last seen walking along Sydney Road, Brunswick, early on Saturday morning.

Matt Willms reports.


Concern for Meagher’s whereabouts started when she failed to return home from a bar about 700 metres from her house early Saturday.

Her handbag was located earlier today in a laneway off Hope Street, on a route she may have been taking home.

Detectives set up a crime scene and scoured the areas for clues.

Her husband and brother joined police at the scene.

Tom Meagher, Husband: “Hell. It’s just devastating but I’m just trying to push on as much as possible. Hope, Just hope somebody saw something or that she walks through the door.”

Her family don’t believe there’s any reason for her to disappear.

Michael McKeon, Brother: “She was over with us in Perth just a week ago and she was fine, you know. We are pretty close and she’d tell me if anything was wrong. She seemed just fine.”

Victoria Police say they’re hoping CCTV footage will help their investigation.

Matt Willms, QUT News.