The real reason Apple boss Steve Wozniak was in Brisbane today was to address the QUT Leaders Business Forum.

He spoke about his personal journey with Apple and the future of innovation and creativity in the industry.

Zoe Hirning reports.


Five hundred and eighty six business leaders from all industries were at the Hilton Hotel today.

They were there to see the man at Apple’s core, Steve Wozniak.

There was excitement in the room even before he took to the stage.

Vox 1: “What it’s like to be the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world – who wouldn’t be looking forward to it.”

Tom Cochrane, QUT Deputy Vice Chancellor: “He’s one of the great names from Silicon Valley and it’s a rare opportunity to have him in Brisbane.”

And he certainly entertained the crowd.

The man who designed the world’s first personal computers says he fell in love with computer programming language at first sight.

He spoke of how far technology had come since he started in the industry and hinted at where the future may lie, saying technology still had room for improvement.

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder: “We’ve had very tiny strides so far in the areas of artificial intelligence and that’s where the future is. We’re talking to our phones as though they’re people.”

He also spoke fondly of his former friend and business partner Steve Jobs.

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder: “Steve said he didn’t have long to live and my reply was to him ‘you’re not judged by what you don’t do when you’re not doing it but what you did do when you’re doing it’.”

Wozniak’s helped drive Apple stocks up to a record high of 700 US dollars. And if today’s iPhone 5 Madness is anything to go by the company will surely continue to reach new heights.

Zoe Hirning, QUT News.