Extra police officers will be patrolling the streets of Sydney this weekend in anticipation of more violence.

They’re confident though that protests won’t reach the scales of last weekend.

Georgia Fardoulys reports.


An extra three-hundred officers will be in Sydney’s CBD, monitoring crowds and potential flash points.

They’re well prepared to head off any threat of protests turning violent.

Deputy commissioner Tim Cartwright, Vic Police: “If there is violence from people within the crowds, or from spectators, we’re certainly ready to deal with that.”

Police have reassured the public the streets will be safe and they’re confident there won’t be a repeat of last weekend.

Assistant commissioner Alan Clarke, NSW Police: “At this point in time there is no intelligence to support or repeat that violence.”

Islamic leaders again issued a call for calm.

Tony Burke, Communities Minister: “They’ve come out on the strongest possible terms, shown real leadership and told people to back off on the sort of aggression we’ve seen.”

A ninth man has been charged with affray after throwing a missle as about 200 members of the city’s Islamic community clashed with police last Saturday.

Georgia Fardoulys, QUT news.