A 50-year-old man who intervened in an armed robbery is lucky to be alive, after being shot in the leg.

Police are still on the hunt for the gunman, who attempted to hold up a pharmacy south-west of Brisbane.

Stephanie Panitzki reports.


Speaking from his hospital bed, Lance Mollenhauer says he was leaving a Gailes chemist when the gunman entered.

After trying to lock him inside the pharmacy failed, he gave chase, then “rugby-tackled” him to the ground.

Lance Mollenhauer, Gunshot Victim: “I had him by his hoodie and I was just bashing his head against the bitumen floor of the road so no wonder he turned ’round and shot me.”

The 47-year-old underwent surgery last night.

Lance Mollenhauer, Gunshot Victim: “Gunshot went in through my hip, my thigh sorry, and it’s travelled up my pelvis right up behind my buttock.”

The bullet was removed but police are still searching for the gunman and have located a car believed to be involved in the shooting.

Police have repeated warnings urging people not to try to be heroes and intervene in armed robberies.

Lance Mollenhauer, Gunshot Victim: “I would not recommend it.”

Stephanie Panitzki, QUT News.