The long-term effects of last year’s Brisbane floods are being highlighted in a new QUT production.

The multi-media documentary brings an artistic approach to the worst natural disaster in Queensland’s history.

Tess Gilfedder reports.


Tragic events like the Brisbane floods aren’t easily forgotten.

And filmmakers Paul Young and Michael Leo want to make sure of that.

Their multi-media production, Flood Plains, takes a look at how far we’ve come since the events of January 2011.

Paul Young, Producer: “We were really wanting to cover maybe some of the long-term effects of the floods and how it affected people both financially, but more so emotionally in the long term.”

The documentary is accompanied by a live score, performed by the Quadratic Contingency.

The ensemble used their cinematic improvisational style to add to the film’s meaning.

Paul Young, Producer: “We played along with the film a fair bit to have an idea. Alright in this section we want certain extended techniques used to accentuate these emotions or these elements of the film.”

The creators hope the mix of music and imagery with stories of flood victims, will leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Michael Leo, Director: “I hope they actually learn something or feel something. Some of the issues that we cover are the fact that some of these things have been forgotten. So hopefully it’ll perhaps remind them that some things are still going on.”

It took four months on a minimum budget to produce Flood Plains. The hard work culminates here at the Metro Arts Studio, where it’s screening as part of this year’s Brisbane Festival.

If the film is well-received, the creators have plans to release it online, a way of reminding more people of a milestone in Queensland’s history.

Tess Gilfedder, QUT News.