The final countdown is on for the much awaited Australian release on sale of Apple’s fifth generation iPhone.

And phone retailers in Brisbane are going out of their way, to cater for buyers.

Kate Fallis reports.


Teltra’s Queen Street store will be treating customers like royalty tomorrow with promotional staff serving food and drinks and they’ll even mind your place in the queue.

Telstra is confident of keeping up with demand.

Kris Carver, Telstra Area General Manager: “Sure, so we’ll be getting more stock throughout the weekend and then into early next week as well.”

Every major phone company is competing to market the best smartphone.

The iPhone5 is 18% thinner and 20% lighter, with a faster processor and improved camera.

However there are still skeptics out there.

Vox 1: “Well apparently it’s only marginally better and it’s probably not worth my time investing in a new phone.”

And then there are those, who just want the latest toy.

Vox 2: “Just sort of keeping up with whats new.”

Apple however maintains that the iPhone5 at $799 will be the biggest thing since the iPhone itself.

With all the anticipation in the lead up to the release of the iPhone5, it would appear to be the best phone on the market.

But what are the other smart phone options out there?

There’s the Samsung Galaxy Note two.

Nick Watkins, Telstra Customer Advisor: “Then you’ve got the ease of having it to put all your music on. You can just simply plug it into a computer, copy and paste. So it’s a really easy network.”

And then there’s the Nokia Lumia 900.

Nick Watkins, Telstra Customer Advisor: “Just a simple side button to light up, slide to open, and you get nice tiles which are really easy to use”

In some other cities stores will open at midnight but those in Brisbane, hungry for an iPhone5 will have to wait until 8am tomorrow.

Kate Fallis, QUT News.