A clean up is underway west of Brisbane after a massive fish kill.

But just what caused the death of hundreds of cat fish in the Brisbane River remains a mystery.

Jo Curlis reports.


SEQ Water crews tipped bucket after bucket of dead cat fish into a skip bin on the bank.

Luckily, endangered species, Murray River Cod and Queensland Lung fish, were both unaffected.

So far authorities have ruled out the possibility of chemical contamination.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection are testing water samples collected over the past few days. It’s hoped the results will pinpoint why the fish are dying in such large numbers.

A spokesperson for Somerset and Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Association can only speculate about the cause.

Garry Fitzgerald, Fish Stocking Association: “It could be something as simple as a very high dissolved oxygen level which cat fish can have a problem with at times.”

He says the waterways are safe for recreational purposes and the fast breeding cat fish will return.

Jo Curlis, QUT News.