Thinking about buying an electric car?

Would free renewable power and half-price parking in the city convince you?

The incentives are part of Brisbane City Council’s 12 month City Smart initiative.

Lauren Crome reports.


The electric car revolution is motoring into Brisbane.

Mitch Anderson, ERM Power: “This is about changing the way we use transport and more importantly collaborating to build a sustainable city for the future.”

The trial comes after reports that one in five cars sold in Australia by 2020 will be electric.

Ben Waters, GE Australia and New Zealand: “This trial is going to allow Brisbane businesses and Brisbane residents to get their first taste of driving electric vehicles. They’re quiet, they’re convenient and there is little impact on the environment from these vehicles.”

There are also other benefits.

Mitch Anderson, ERM Power: “The running costs for electric vehicles is half that of a high efficency petrol or diesel car.”

And charging the car is simple, you just plug it into a powerpoint.

But the cost and range limitations make it a hard sell.

Steve Spalding, RACQ: “These vehicles are expensive because it’s new technology and also the range is quite short so for those motorists that have to do long trips they’ve got some challenges in terms of finding enough electricity to go the whole distance.”

At this stage only 48 of Queensland’s four million registered cars are electric and their uptake is unlikely to increase with price tags of up to $50,000.

Lauren Crome, QUT News.