Queensland authorities have issued a warning about necklaces claimed to ease teething pain for toddlers.

There are concerns the beaded necklaces could cause choking if used incorrectly.

Zoe Hirning reports.


In what’s claimed to be a new approach to healing, sales of these amber necklaces have taken off.

The necklaces allegedly release a natural acid into the body through the skin, and don’t need to be chewed to combat teething.

Maxine Mccullough, Pharmacist: “I had big concerns even before stocking them which is why after talking to a lot of Mums with their feedback that they worked well with them.”

But the Office of Fair Trading has issued this warning.

That stragulation may occur if worn while an infant is sleeping or if the necklace breaks and the beads are swallowed.

Fair Trading recomends the following precautions.

Supervise the infant and remove the necklace when unattended and sleeping both day and night.

Don’t allow an infant to chew the necklace. And seek medical advice if there are any concerns.

The family run company Little Smiles Amber based in Kallangur say they have taken safety precautions but the main concern is from unofficial sellers.

Tanya Gosney, Little Smiles Amber Owner: “When people are buying it at flea markets and online they’re not getting the proper warnings. So they’re not being told about the choking hazards and the fact that it needs to be used under supervision.”

The necklaces are freely available at most Kallangur Chemists and retail for between 20 and 30 dollars.

Zoe Hirning, QUT News.