Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has resigned from his post as shadow parliamentary secretary.

It follows controversy over his comments linking gay marriage to bestiality.

Tess Gilfedder reports.


A same-sex marriage bill was always going to cause a stir.

And that’s what happened when the conservative South Australian Senator spoke in the house last night.

Cory Bernardi, Senator: “What’s the next step? The next step is having three people that love each other be able to enter into a permanent union.”

But then, the senator pushed his point further.

Cory Bernardi, Senator: “There are even some creepy people out there, you know, it’s okay to have consensual sexual relations between humans and animals.”

His statements were slammed by gay rights groups and politicians alike.

Even his fellow party members became critics.

Joe Hockey, Shadow Treasurer: “People do have strong views, they’re entitled to strong views. But frankly, hysterics don’t help.”

Malcolm Turnbull, Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband:”These are bizarre statements. They’re offensive, they’re hysterical, they’re extreme.”

It didn’t take long before Senator Bernardi paid the price.

Opposition leader Tony Abbott announced early this afternoon, he’d accepted the senator’s resignation.

Senator Arthur Sinodinos will take his place as shadow parliamentary secretary.

Tess Gilfedder QUT News.