Brisbane’s star-rating scheme for food outlets has seen major improvements across thousands of restaurants.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says the Eat Safe initiative is achieving its goal.

Georgia Fardoulys reports.


The Eat Safe scheme began in 2010 to ensure a high standard of food hygiene and safety in food outlets across the city.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “I congratulate the food outlets of Brisbane. I say to not only Brisbane people but to visitors to this city, you can eat here with confidence.”

More than eighty-three per cent of food outlets now hold a rating of three stars or more.

The number of restaurants awarded higher star ratings has risen, while the poor performers are picking up the slack dramatically.

John Hart, CEO Restaurant & Catering Australia: “The reality is, we have the safest food system in the world, and Brisbane is no exception.”

While some restaurants have been given an Eat Safe rating of zero, and been shut down, others including Jellyfish Restaurant now happily boast a five.

The announcement comes after fifty-seven thousand dollars worth of fines were issued to below par food outlets in Brisbane last financial year.

John Kilroy, Jellyfish Owner: “You have to spend lots of money and make sure that all your containers and checklists. Its keeping your staff up to doing their diligence everyday and checking food coming in.”

Despite some worse case scenarios, council says Brisbane’s Eat Safe initiative is paying off, giving people less to worry about when it comes to eating out.

Georgia Fardoulys, QUT News.