As they say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

And that’s the case for 33 Brisbane artists and designers who’ve used recycled materials to make a fashion statement.

Kate Fallis reports.


This is the Junkie Couture exhibition, inspired by the Reverse Garbage organisation at their warehouse in Woolloongabba.

Reverse Garbage promotes environmental sustainability and that’s the case with these fashion firsts.

Brooke Nelson, Reverse Emporium Coordinator:”Basically we pick up useful rubbish for free from businesses and that’s in the form of off-cuts, so when they’re making something and their offcuts are thrown in the bin, instead of going to the dump, we pick them up and bring them back here for people to reuse and make into new things.”

Low cost clothing and jewellery are on display and for sale even once the exhibition ends next Friday.

Artist Franciska Schmoll volunteers at Reverse Garbage and has some of her pieces on show for the exhibition.

Franciska Schmoll, Volunteer and Artist:”My line is called caterpillar and I had about five or six of my dresses. So I blog about, I do one dress a month and I had my May picnic meadow dress.”

The recycled materials used in all of the exhibition pieces ensure that our environment isn’t cluttered with rubbish.

Reverse garbage take recycled junk and turn it into treasure for eco-conscious buyers, keeping unnecessary rubbish out of our dumps.

The exhibition, alongside Reverse Garbage will be open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm until the twenty-eight of September.

Kate Fallis, QUT News.