Queensland’s RSPCA is making an urgent appeal for help.

The organisation is being inundated with a high number of phone inquiries each day, so it’s trying to find more volunteers to staff its call centre.

Georgia Fardoulys reports.


Here in the call centre at Wacol, the phones are ringing off the hook.

These operators are taking hundreds of call a day relating to injured, lost and abused animals.

But the RSPCA is having a tough time keeping up with demand.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Spokesman:”Well the calls are escalating, particularly at this time of year. You’re looking at over 600 calls per day. So if you take that on a yearly basis it’s well over 200,000 calls a year.”

The organisation is desperate to find volunteers to offer their help and support their generous work.

Those who can help out will need training before they can jump into the hot seat, and a genuine care for animals is essential.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Spokesman: “Somebody who’s got a good customer service manner and somebody with a bit of passion as well. Somebody who genuinely does care for animals and wants to do the best they can to help them.”

As a non-government, community based organisation, Wacol’s call centre relies just on 25 volunteers all up, and are after as many enthusiasts as possible.

Volunteers say that the best part of lending a hand, or in this case an ear, is knowing that you’re saving lives and helping animals that can’t help themselves.

Sarah Halpin, Call Centre Volunteer: “By helping the animals, by giving them a second chance pretty much, they don’t have a voice so they need someone to speak up for them.”

Georgia Fardoulys, QUT News.