In federal politics and Labor continues to make gains on the Coalition in two new opinion polls published today.

The parties are now neck and neck on a two-party comparison.

Lauren Crome Reports.


After being deadlocked for months, today’s Newspoll shows a ten point turnaround, with Labor on par with the Coalition.

It’s a setback for Kevin Rudd’s supporters who hoped continued poor polling could see him replace Ms Gillard as PM.

Labor’s primary vote has risen 3 points while the Coalition’s fell 5, and the Green’s rose 4.

A second poll, Neilsen’s, also is favourable to Labor with the two-party preferred gap closing to six points.

The Coalition blames personal attacks on Tony Abbott.

Christopher Pyne, Manager of Opposition Business: “Today’s polls are a direct result of a personal campaign of vindication against Tony Abbott.”

The polls come after a week of criticism against Mr Abbott, over claims he intimidated a female political rival 35 years ago.

He now trails Ms Gillard as preferred PM by 14 points, 3 points in the Neilsen Poll.

Several of Mr Abbott’s colleagues have spoken out, defending his good character.

Julie Bishop, Deputy Opposition Leader: “A compassionate and kind man who is prepared to help others.”

The polls are a warning for Queensland’s LNP, hurt by Premier Campbell Newman’s budget cuts.

Yvette D’Ath, Labor MP: “It’s the only way they can manage an economy, is sacking people.”

While the news is positive for Labor, the Coalition’s two-party figure of 53 per cent would still give it an easy win, if an election were held now.

Lauren Crome, QUT News.