Job hunters are warned to be careful of what they share online.

As the business environment has become increasingly competitive, employers across Australia are using online search engines and profile checking to vet prospective workers.

Emily White reports.


Hiring a future employee is a risk for many businesses today.

With an increase in brand derailment and potential law suits, search engines such as Google, or networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter have become major recruiting tools for organizations across the nation.

Denise Love, Sarina Russo Recruitment: “Just as you present for an interview, just as you present on paper, so it is how you present on social media.”

Your online accounts such as Facebook and Twitter are not just a representation you put across to your friends and family but to anyone that has access to the internet.

Denise Love, Sarina Russ Recruitment: “Our communication has changed so much and i think people need to be very very mindful of the importance of it, particularly if they’re looking for employment or advancement in their career.”

Employers around the nation do not have to ask permission before they do their very own background checks.

Chris Newman, Employment Laywer: “In Australia there is no right to privacy unlike, say, in America.”

Before recruiting 91% of employers now use online search engines such as google, Linkedin and Facebook. Therefore how you present yourself online may be the determining factor in landing that dream job.

Emily White, QUT news.