Day: 17 September 2012

Premier’s political problems

The Queensland premier’s political fortunes continue to slide in the wake of his government’s cost-cutting budget. Among the latest groups to show their discontent, the rural fire service and the gay community. Benjamin Phillips reports.

Palmer undecided on LNP membership

Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer is still undecided on whether he’ll leave the Liberal National Party. A life-long member, and one of the party’s biggest financial donors, Mr Palmer spoke out against the Newman government’s first state budget last week.

Polls show political deadlock

In federal politics and Labor continues to make gains on the Coalition in two new opinion polls published today. The parties are now neck and neck on a two-party comparison. Lauren Crome Reports.

Online employee background checks

Job hunters are warned to be careful of what they share online. As the business environment has become increasingly competitive, employers across Australia are using online search engines and profile checking to vet prospective workers. Emily White reports.

Big steps for childcare workers

Child care workers believe they are not being paid enough for the job they do, so they’re doing something about it. Childcare union, ‘United Voice’, is behind the Big Steps campaign, which aims to get professional wages for people working

RSPCA plea for help

Queensland’s RSPCA is making an urgent appeal for help. The organisation is being inundated with a high number of phone inquiries each day, so it’s trying to find more volunteers to staff its call centre. Georgia Fardoulys reports.

Injuries mar footy finals

In AFL, Hawthorn say they have nothing but respect for Adelaide in the lead up to their preliminary finals round clash. Sam Canavan reports.