A truck driver had to have a leg amputated today after his truck was hit by a commuter train on a level crossing in Banyo on Brisbane’s northside.

Police and Queensland Rail are conducting inquiries on the accident, which disrupted peak hour transport services in the area.

Samantha Kolb reports.


The truck was stranded between the rail crossing barriers when it was hit by a northbound passenger train.

The train driver attempted an emergency stop when he realised the truck was on the tracks. But the 400 tonne train didn’t stop in time and wedged the truck’s trailer against another train stopped at the station.

The truck driver was seriously injured when the train hit his vehicle and he later had to have a leg amputated.

The train driver received minor injuries however none of the 11 passengers were injured.

Martin Ryan, Queensland Rail: “Investigations are continuing at the moment by Queensland Police looking at the whole of the incident. Including the use of the road, also the trains actions and the actions of the people involved.”

Queensland police are also investigating.

Mark Lang, Inspector: “The preliminary inquiry would suggest that the boom gates have actually come down onto his truck, so there’s certainly no suggestion that he’s tried to run around boom gates.”

Local residents at Banyo have expected this accident to occur for a while with the crossing plagued with many near misses and causing drivers confusion.

Graham Holter, Resident: “Lot of confusion, they don’t know when trains are coming, they don’t know whether to turn left or stop at the gates.”

Queensland Rail says the accident could have been far worse.

Martin Ryan, Queensland Rail: “We are very lucky here today that we did not have a fatality.”

Police and QR spent the day removing debris from the track.

Samantha Kolb, QUT News.