Car enthusiasts from across Australia gathered in Ipswich today.

Around 130 cars, each more than 90 years old, turned out for the start of the week-long National Veteran Tour.

Wendy Serrano reports.


The magic of Australia’s motoring past came to life in Ipswich as these old timers rolled into town.

The Queensland branch of the Veteran Car Club of Australia is hosting the tour, which will be held in a number of locations around the city.

Trevor Farnell, Tour Chairman: “Well the car rally gives us an opportunity to come together as old friends, we meet each other once every twelve months.”

The car owners are a breed on their own.

Vox 1: “I’ve been an enthusiast for 56 years now, a bit more than that now.”

Vox 2: “The variety of marks that are here, the standard, the quality, the restoration and the enthusiasm.”

The Ipswich City Council has been working over the past two years with tour organisers, giving visitors a chance to see some of Australia’s motoring history first-hand.

Organisors say the tour will bring a number of benefits to Ipswich.

Cr David Pahlke, Ipswich City Council, Tourism: “It’s not just about the heritage that brings the community together, but what we are hoping for is the dollars that spring into the community.”

The tour includes a wide range of vehicle models such as Ford, Mitchell and Mercedes.

Wendy Serrano, QUT News.