Queen St Mall was filled with jolly swagmen today for the launch of Swag-tember.

The fundrasing event aimed to shine a light on homeless people living on the street.

Chelsea Lammas reports.


It was a fast and furious race.

The challenge: Roll the most swags in ten minutes.

Today’s event aimed at raising awareness of the thousands of homeless people around the country.

Jean Madden, Founder of Street Swag: “So swagtember is a fantastic concept because it brings community together.”

And the competion was fierce.

VOX POP 1: “They’re having a lot of fun so that’s the benefit of it but also getting involved with the community as well.”

VOX POP 2: “It’s good fun, hard work.”

The Global Financial Crisis has changed homelessness in Australia.

Jean Madden, Founder of Street Swag: “We use to have the majority of people being made homeless because of the trifecta of mental illness, drug abuse coupled with domestic abuse that was the real trifecta, now it’s families that just can’t afford to live anywhere.”

These award winning swags provide a discreet and safe alternative to sleeping on the concrete.

There are more than 25,000 people homeless in Queensland, many turned away from shelter and forced on the streets.

Street Swags has already given over 24,000 swags to those in need. Today, they were asking people to sleep out of their beds for someone who doesn’t have one.

Jean Madden, Founder of Street Swags: “Might be the louge or the backyard or with your mates overnight or with your family on the floor.”

Chelsea Lammas, QUT News.