Tuesday’s budget saw thousands of Queensland workers out of their jobs, giving greater weight to this year’s Are You OK Day.

The national day of action raises the importance of asking one small question to make a big difference.

Jon Healy reports.


R-U O-K?

It’s a simple enough question.

But organisers of the day say it’s vital to regularly check on peoples’ mental wellbeing and the event is an excellent outlet for that.

Janina Nearn, Co-Founder of RU OK? Day: “It’s important that we all look out for everybody whether they’ve lost their job or struggling in a relationship. Things like that can lead to depression, so it’s really important we reach out and have that conversation.”

The day has extra significance in Queensland where residents are facing a severe lack of job security.

One expert says he’s already seeing the effects of Campbell Newman’s budget in the field of mental health.

Mark Korduba, Psychologist: “I’m having a number of clients at the moment that are in the public sector, some having lost their jobs and others living in limbo at the moment, not sure what the future holds.”

Len Matthews of the Salvation Army says events like RU OK? Day are vital in giving hope to Queenslanders facing record job cuts.

Len Matthews, Manager Salvos Care Line: “The fact that we have hope and the fact that we can connect with somebody who’s our champion in life, goes beyond that as well.”

Jon Healy, QUT News.