The Queensland Opposition Leader called the Newman Government budget vindictive and deceitful in parliament today.

Her criticism comes amid claims the LNP may have a party revolt on their hands.

Claudia Cuskelly reports.


Harsh job cuts and slashing of frontline services were the focus of the opposition leader’s attack on the Queensland budget today.

Ms Palasczcuk says just two days in, the budget is already falling apart.

Annastacia Palasczcuk, Qld Opposition Leader: “It is short sighted, it is unfair, it is heartless, it is wreckless and it lacks any sign of any compassion.”

Further Labor criticism came from Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who says it’s a taste of a Liberal-led federal government.

Kevin Rudd, Labor Member for Griffith: “Remember what we’ve had with Qld slashing health. With NSW – this frankly is just the entree.”

The opposition leader voiced the anger of thousands in her criticism of the budget today. Some suggest cracks are now starting to appear within the LNP party.

Clive Palmer, Mining Magnate: “I’d be surprised if he sticks to this policy that he’ll be Premier by Christmas.”

Others are now questioning whether the Premier’s popularity has run out.

Peter Wellington, Independent Member for Nicklin: “What I’m saying is reflective of what so many Queenslanders have contacted me and shared with me and I believe Campbell Newman is a liability to the LNP in Queensland.”

But the Premier put up a united front today.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “It is nice to work as a team. Beacause we are a team over here. We actually like each other.”

He said the Opposition had no alternative plan to offer the parliament.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “Unlike those opposite, we have a plan to get Queensland back on track.”

Claudia Cuskelly, QUT News.