Unions held statewide rallies today, protesting the Queensland Government’s plan to slash 14,000 public service jobs.

In Brisbane, thousands marched on Parliment House to voice their anger bringing the city to a standstill.

Chelsea Lammas reports.


Vivienne Doogan, Together President: “He Lied, He lied 14,000 times.”

Queensland workers were today united by fears for their future.

Unionists from right across the public sector, protested what they call the harsh and widespread cuts outlined in yesterday’s budget.

John Battams, Queensland Council of Unions: “The financial position of the Queensland Government was the same the day after the election as before.”

And they had a surprising ally in the crowd.

Bob Katter, Leader of The Australian Party: “Beating up on the little people doesn’t prove your tough, it proves you’re a stinking bully.”

Premier Newman today apologised for the cuts, but blamed them on the previous Labor government.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “We don’t like doing this, it is not fun for us. We are very sorry for the people losing their jobs.”

This is just one of many protests organised around Queensland with Unions adamant they will continue fighting to protect Queensland jobs.

The Premier says he wants to work with unions.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “Nothing is going to change the situation we have to make these important decisions rather than put taxes up on families.”

John Battams, President Qld Council of Unions: “We want to work with the goverment as much as possible the government hasn’t shown much willingness to do that so hopefully after today we get a telephone call and we can sit down to make sure that we can actually work together in terms of our future.”

But today, the focus of protestors was on expressing their anger.

Gary Bullock, United Voices State Secretrary: “Our members are if not as angry probably angrier than they were through the work choices so this is just the start.”

VOX POP 1: We won’t go down without a fight.”

Union leaders promise this is just the start of their protest action.

Chelsea Lammas QUT News.