The LNP has been putting a positive spin on its 2012-13 budget at a special lunch in Brisbane today.

But the Federal Government has described the budget as “cruel and destructive” and a warm-up act for policies supported by the federal opposition.

Ashley Minchin reports.


More than 800 people gathered in Brisbane today to hear the Treasurer sell his ‘once-in-a-generation’ budget.

The lunch was attended by representatives from businesses across the state, eager to know how it will impact their industries.

Louis de Beer, Transit Care: “We’re just really interested to get some detail about what is going to happen in community transport and the area of mobility management.”

The Treasurer announced yesterday a rise on coal mining royalties – expected to save the government $1.6 billion dollars over the next four years.

Despite the lunch’s attempt to convince business associates of the positives in the budget, many in the mining industry are angry and want answers, and the treasurer admits unemployment rates will rise.

Tim Nicholls, Queensland Treasurer: “We expect to see a small increase in unemployment to six per cent.”

The Queensland Premier is adamant the industries brought it on themselves.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “Now the mining industry has had problems for some time, they’ve allowed their costs to get out of control.”

The Acting Prime Minister has condemned the cuts in his home state – saying it’s an indication of the LNP’s future vision for the country.

Wayne Swan, Acting Prime Minister: “What we are seeing here is a clear warning, we’re getting a preview of what an Abbott government would do.”

Ashley Minchin, QUT News.