A stroke survivor kicked off National Stroke Week today.

Dan Englund has just finished a 1000 kilometre fundraising run from Emerald to Brisbane.

Claudia Cuskelly reports.


Dan Englund was in high spirits as he completed the last leg of his month-long run through Brisbane’s Western suburbs today.

Since he started on the 4th of August, Mr Englund has completed the equivalent of 22 marathons.

At the finish line he reunited with his wife, their two children, and all of the medical staff who treated him in May last year.

Dan Englund, Stroke Survivor: “I’m feeling like a million bucks. I feel like I could go for another run.”

Dr Noel Saines, Head of Wesley Hospital Stroke Unit: “He’s looking very good. I mean, I haven’t examined him in detail but he ran in very smoothly so I think he’s really made an excellent recovery.”

From what started out as a small project, the Englunds have now raised $40,000 for the Stroke Foundation.

The Stroke Foundation says that one in six people in Australia will suffer from a stroke in their lifetime.

Dan was fortunate his wife recognised the signs early.

Tania Englund, Wife: “The message was always about FAST. It was about knowing Face, Arm, Speech, Time.”

Dan Englund, Stroke Survivor: “It’s a very bad thing to overcome but you’ll always, always get better if you try.”

Sixty-thousand Australians suffer strokes each year, but they can be prevented.

Di Fichera, Wesley Hospital Stroke Unit: “Just having that regular check to keep account of your blood pressure, diabetes, is incredibly important.”

National Stroke Week runs from the 10th to the 16th of September this year and is focused on educating people about their risk of stroke.

Claudia Cuskelly, QUT News.