Tomorrow is D day for Queensland public servants.

The LNP Government’s first budget will finally reveal the number of jobs to be axed.

And Premier Newman wasn’t giving much away today, telling the media to “wait and see”.

Sam Canavan reports.


Blanket coverage of government job cuts has seen Campbell Newman’s popularity plummet since his election win almost six months ago.

Despite that, the Premier was today buoyant about his first budget.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “It’s a budget that will get the state back on track. It’s a budget that is a once-in-a-lifetime budget, that sorts out our finances and really sets up the future for our state for the next few decades.”

Tomorrow’s crunch time for the public service in Queensland, with almost fifteen thousand Government jobs expected to be cut from a range of departments, though health and transport will be hardest hit.

The Newman Government says it’s necessary Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt, isn’t convinced.

Curtis Pitt, Shadow Treasurer: “This is a budget that is all about taking out of the pay packets of Queensland families, and, quite frankly, this is something that in many respects did not need to happen.”

The budget will be based on the recommendations from the Peter Costello report.

Former Premier Anna Bligh broke her public silence, to slam the report.

Anna Bligh, Former Premier: “What Peter Costello has done is deliver a report for political purposes that is little more than a justification for what has become the largest job-cutting exercise in Australia at the moment.”

The Government has confirmed the budget will include a seven per cent increase in funding to Queensland Health, and a fifteen thousand dollar first-home-buyers grant. But as for any more?

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “Just wait and see what the Government’s going to do on that front tomorrow. You’ll have to wait and see tomorrow. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow for the detail.”

Sam Canavan, QUT News.