A man found bashed to death at a Moorooka home unit was known to police.

Detectives believe the man was last seen alive on Friday.

They are speaking with several witnesses.

Ashley Minchin reports.


The alarm was raised around 1am by the victim’s teenage son, who’d gone to the Hansen Street unit to check on his father.

Neighbours were awoken to loud noises this morning, with police arriving at the residence shortly afterwards.

Nearby residents were shocked.

Vox 1: “You know there was all sorts of terrible banging and a man’s voice screaming and roaring really, really upset.”

Officers broke open the front door, finding the victim lying on the floor inside.

Police are still piecing together what happened in the days before the man died.

Det Supt Michael Niland, Qld Police: “We are speaking to a number of witnesses and not seeking anyone in particular at the moment.”

Locals can’t believe such a horrific thing could happen in the area.

Vox 2: “I’m shocked, I couldn’t believe stuff like that would happen in my hood.”

The man would have turned 47 tomorrow.

Ashley Minchin, QUT News.