Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan and Disability Reform Minister Jenny Macklin were in Brisbane today, selling the Government’s new National Disability Insurance Scheme.

They’re trying to get Queensland and the other states on board, to fund the extra $288 million needed to make the scheme a reality.

Zac Street reports.


The Treasurer and Disabilities Minister were out on the hard sell today, meeting with workers at the Endeavour Foundation, Australia’s largest employer of people with disabilities.

They’re need to win over the states to contribute the extra funding needed for the schemes to get up.

And Mr Swan was out to send a clear message to the Queensland Government.

Wayne Swan, Federal Treasurer: “I think any state government that starts to play politics with the putting in place of the National Disability Insurance Scheme will meet a wall of community opposition.”

Currenlty, Queensland contributes the least amount to disability funding. Around $3000 less per person than the benchmark state, Victoria.

While the NDIS was on the top of the Treasurer’s mind today he also faced questions as David Ashby launches Federal Court action against the Commonwealth and Peter Slipper.

Mr Swan says the Coaltion has a lot of explaining to do about its contact with Mr Ashby.

Wayne Swan, Federal Treasurer: “I don’t think it should have become a political issue. The way it has been handled, particularly by the oppisition is negative, and I think unbecoming of our parliament.”

The Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is yet to commit to the Federal Government’s plan.

Zac Street, QUT News.