Calling all wood and timber enthusiasts.

The Brisbane Timber and Working With Wood expo at the RNA showgrounds kicked off today and will continue all weekend.

Suraya Daly reports.


Woodworking is a very popular hobby in Australia and the Brisbane show is the industry’s biggest exhibition.

The expo has everything from the newest tools and the best techniques for DIY lovers, to improve thier craftmanship.

There are free demonstrations with wood working experts, showcasing the latest machinery, finishes, timber and much more.

The craft once considered a male only hobby is also being taken up by women.

Carol Russel Carba-Tec: “Women are seeing other women becoming involved. They are noticing the more popular shows and seeing women involved and thinking well yeah I can do that.”

With shows like “the Block” making Do it Yourself projects popular many are “going back to the shed”.

Liz Falloon, Wood Expo Organiser: “They now are in here, bringing back the home skills, especially with the economy the way it is now.”

Attendees come from all sorts of woodworking backgrounds.

Neil Timmins: “All the experts are doing it, there’s not a lot of time to go to college to learn how to do it properly so you come to these places, the tools and the people who show you how to use them are really good.”

Helen Timmins: “I just love timber, it’s beautiful stuff, it’s got a real character of its own, it feels nice and it looks nice.”

Whether you’re a weekend hobbyist, or a passionate and skilled woodworker, the show offers something for everyone.

Suraya Daly, QUT News.