Aboriginal activists in Brisbane’s Musgrave Park are tonight digging in, maintaining their tent embassy.

After being evicted from the original site to make way for this weekend’s Paniyiri Festival, they’ve now relocated just 200 metres away.

Jane Buckle reports.


The tents may have downscaled, but the Sovereign Embassy is still here in Musgrave Park but in an area approved by the Brisbane City Council.

Activists still fear they may be forced to move again before the weekend, so they’ve hired lawyers just in case.

Shannon Ruska, Traditional Owner: “We do have a verbal agreement on the cards with the Brisbane City Council that we can utilise the area.”

Yesterday’s arrests and confrontation with police has created tensions between the activists and the Greek community.

Festival or no festival, embassy leaders say it’s their right to have a protest presence in the park.

Vox 1: “We are allowed to be in there on our right as Sovereign people and also in the agreements that we’ve had as well.”

The group is scheduled to meet with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk on Tuesday to discuss the embassy’s ongoing presence.

The numbers and fire may have diminished, but it’s clear their resolve is just as strong, with no end in sight for these protestors or their cause.

Jane Buckle, QUT News.