By Meagan Lawrence

Protesters at the tent embassy in Musgrave Park say they have reached a verbal agreement with the Brisbane City Council.

Indigenous community members held a closed meeting this morning to discuss the future of the protest and the embassy.

Traditional owner Shannon Ruska says today was the” start of negotiations with traditional owners of the land”.

“We are standing in solidarity,” Mr Ruska says.

“We are allowed to be in there on our own right as sovereign people.

“At this stage we do have a verbal agreement on the cards with the Brisbane City Council where we can utilise the area.”

Members of the embassy will meet with Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk on Tuesday.

Shannon Ruska says negotiation talks with the Brisbane City Council will continue next week

How the protest played out

Hundreds of people gathered at Musgrave Park yesterday to protest the eviction of Indigenous activists who had been camping there for two months.

The council ordered activists to move out to make way for the Paniyiri Greek Festival taking place in the park this weekend.

About 30 protesters were arrested and charged.

Some Indigenous activists returned to the park last night and set up camp in a council approved area 200 metres away from the original location.

Fences and security guards line the borders of Musgrave Park where the tent embassy used to be

Paniyiri Festival show their support

Mr Ruska says the Paniyiri Greek Festival has shown its support for the embassy.

Paniyiri Chairman Chris Kazonis says it was a workplace health and safety issue.

“When it first started it was only a marquee or two tents,” he says.

“It wasn’t a major thing and I thought we could work around it quite comfortably.”