In the first sitting day of the new Parliament the Premier promised his government will never lord it over the people of Queensland.

While his deputy, Jeff Seeney, accused the opposition of failing like no other State Government has failed.

Isobel Roe reports.


It began like the first day of school. The bell rang. The new students were confused.

Bill Byrne, Member for Rockhampton: “I think we’re as ready as we can be given the limited amount of information we’ve received from the government about the running of the day.”

Not everyone got to do their homework.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Opposition Leader: “Only just received a briefing on the planned proposals to the committee systems this morning at 9 o’clock.”

And everyone got a refresher on good manners.

Fiona Simpson, Speaker: “I remind honourable members that this is the member’s first speech and should be listened to with the courtesies reserved for such occasions.”

In his maiden speech, the Premier thanked his family and says he will draw inspiration from his predecessors. And he took a swipe at the Federal Government.

Campbell Newman, Queensland Premier: “My government will demand a better deal from the Federal Government. I believe the Federal Government must live up to its responsibilities because Queensland can’t continue to bear the weight of duplication and red tape.” 

The new government wasted no time in attacking the opposition, demanding an apology for the ALP’s smear campaign against Mr Newman’s wife.

Jeff Seeney, Queensland Deputy Premier: “It was unprecedented and it was disgusting.”

The make up of Parliament is quite different this time round and Mr Newman will be needing to make some urgent changes. But with only seven ALP members left to make up the opposition, question time is set to be a lot less fiery.

Liz Cunningham, Member for Gladstone: “The actual opposition and the ability for them to effectively oversight, interject, play-up, is limited to that number of people. It’s quite a different parliament to anything that I’ve experienced before.”

Parliament will resume next week.

Isobel Roe, QUT News.