The Salvation Army is set to go door to door with its annual Red Shield Doorknock Appeal kicking off this weekend.

The appeal will raise much needed funds to aid Australia’s poorest people.

Suraya Daly reports.


A recent Salvos survey of 1700 people needing emergency support found more than half skip meals to pay the electricity, gas and water bills.

The survey also found 50% were selling possessions to make ends meet.

One in four have taken new debt, and one in three couldn’t afford heating for the current cooler temperatures.

Connie McCarthy: “We decided to pay $300 week rent which takes out some of the food and we just keep hacking stuff to make by.”

Caitlin O’Loan, Cocom Communications: “There are some people out there and it’s pertinent today when it’s been so frosty, there is people who can’t even afford to heat a room.”

This weekend, the Salvation Army aims to raise $81.5 million through the Red Shield doorknock appeal.

Major Neil Dickson,The Salvation Army: “There’s something like a 20-25% shortfall in our budget that we rely on the public to support us with through the Red Shield Appeal.”

This year, they’re calling on young people to help with the fundraising.

With the rising cost of everyday living, and statistics proving this year worse than previous years, The Salvation Army are desperately needing the help of volunteers for the Red Shield Doorknock Appeal happening this weekend.

Suraya Daly, QUT News.