This week is Law week, initiated by the Queensland Law Society to build awareness of the legal system.

And what better way to do that, than to look into Brisbane’s stories of murder, corruption and other crime.

Jane Buckle reports.


It’s a bus tour like no other, visiting the sites of some of Brisbane’s most infamous crimes.

The brothels and clubs at the centre of the Fitzgerald inquiry, the 1989 lesbian vampire killings and a rare peak into the supposedly haunted Boggo Road Gaol.

Barrister Ralph Devlin, who hosts the tour, says telling stories gets the message of our legal system across.

Barrister Ralph Devlin, Tour Guide: “Our legal system is owned by everbody, and actually everybody in the community seems to have an interest in it one way or another, so it’s a good time to get the questions out there and hopefully get some of them answered.”

The tour guide at Boggo Road added a supernatural note.

Keith Bazley, Boggo Road Gaol: “There are supposedly a number of ghosts in here, and with the amount of inmates that have died here over the years, it’s expected that there’d be some kind of an energy here.”

The ghoulish history lesson an eye-opener for crime-enthusiasts along for the ride.

Vox 1: “Being actually in there and hearing about the ghosts’s really quite spooky actually.”

Vox 2: “I learnt lots about Brisbane and its history, and I’ve lived here all my life, so it was great.”

Those interested in learning more about the week, can visit the Law Society website.

Law week honours how even with the ghosts of Brisbane’s criminal past lurking about town, our legal system still came to come the respected democratic institution it is today.

Jane Buckle, QUT News.