A Brisbane Family Court judge won’t intervene in a custody battle involving four Sunshine Coast girls.

The girls’ mother had been seeking a stay application, to keep the girls in Australia.

And this afternoon, the court heard an application by lawyers for Queensland’s child saftey services.

The girls’ grandmother, great grandmother and aunt have now been ordered to appear in court Friday, to face questions about the girls’ whereabouts.

Zac Street reports.


The girl’s mother was supposed to surrender her four daughters at Brisbane International Airport at midnight.

She arrived without the girls.

Girls’ mother: “I’ve always intended to comply by court orders. I don’t know the whereabouts of my children.”

Today, the eldest girl with the help of a great aunt applied to the court for a stay of proceedings, in a bid to buy them more time in Australia.

She claims her father has a violent temper and has written letters begging him to let them stay with their mother.

But today Justice Colin Forrest questioned his authority while the children remain in hiding.

He told the court, “why should I hear you when the children are still missing?”

He also lashed out at media coverage of the dispute.

“It has become patently clear to me over the past few days that a particular media outlet in this city has clearly identified the people who matter most in this case, the children.”

The Family Court has been at the centre though this ordeal, and ultimately it will decide whether the four young girls get to stay with their mother or be deported back to Italy.

The court was adjourned just before midday but Justice Forrest handed down a finding late this afternoon.

Zac Street, QUT News.