Things looked a little shaky this morning when the evicted tent embassy marched on Parliament.

But they moved on in time for an afternoon filled with bells and whistles starting with the Australian Army band and Royal Guard coming up Alice Street in full song.

Shortly after, the Queensland and Brisbane mounted police escorted Her Excellency Governor Penelope Wensley into the Parliament House forecourt.

Bonny O’Shea reports.


As a 19-gun salute over Kangaroo Point cliffs reverberated through the air, MPs and guests watched on as Ms Wensley inspected the Royal Guard and army band before heading inside to give the opening address, where she welcomed and embraced the new government.

Penelope Wensley, Qld Governor: “Each of you will play an important role in considering and making decisions on matters relating to the welfare and prosperity of this great state.”

There was a surprising about-face from an Aboriginal elder, who yesterday asked the government to leave the tent embassy alone.

Uncle Joe Kirk, Aboriginal Elder: “It’s a great privilege to stand here representing my people for the atrocities that went on previous governments, but now we are in the reconciliation process.”

Earlier at Government House it was an all-female affair, as newly appointed Speaker Fiona Simpson met the Governor in an approval process called the Royal Approbation.

Two days of formal proceedings will end in an equally civilised manner this afternoon with a garden party on the Speaker’s green before the pointy end of Parliament begins tomorrow.

From one extreme to the other, today Queensland Parliament House had it all.

Bonny O’Shea, QUT News.