The stand-off between the Musgrave Park tent embassy and the Brisbane City Council reached boiling point today.

Embassy leaders have been dealt an eviction notice. But they’re warning the council, that protests will erupt if they’re forcibly removed.

Isobel Roe reports.


The Council doesn’t want an end to the tent city. Rather it wants it moved.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “I’ve made a direct appeal to the people in the tent embassy, I’ve indicated they have to move, I’ve offered them a place where they can continue to communicate their message to the people of Brisbane, I don’t want to deny them that opportunity.”

The space will be needed for cultural festivals in the coming weeks, but the embassy say there’s room for two.

Tent Embassy: “I’ve always worked with ethnic groups, we’ve got no problem with that. We can work with any group that come here and work with us.”

This has been their home for the past two months and despite the cold snap it’s business as usual.

On Saturday, the Greek community need this park for Paniyiri. The tent embassy have been asked to move just 300 metres behind me, but they say they won’t budge.

Wayne Wharton, Tent Embassy: “We’re here as guests of the Juggera people. Under law, to stand united and to defend first nation’s rights to sovereignty. Now if it means going to jail under that law, and going to the courts under that law then so be it.”

Police will respond to calls if the council wants the embassy moved. It’s now a matter of if and when that may happen.

Isobel Roe, QUT News.