Six hundred Brisbane high school students from 90 schools came together today, to learn how to make a difference to world poverty.

They were part of World Vision’s Global Leaders Convention and experienced first hand what it means to be poor.

Teagan Sydes reports.


Students were split into 50 groups representing 25 countries and 25 global companies.

To explain the dichotomy of the world that we live in, some groups represented very wealthy countries and companies, while others represented the very poor.

Brittney Mackenzie, Youth Ambassador: “Because we’re here today we get to know a little about what Ethopia is like, what it’s really like to live in poverty.”

The name of the game was to produce enough food resources points in order for their country to survive.

Greg Bradley, World Vision Youth Manager: “They are a little bit slow to get into it, but I think as the days progress they are really understanding some of these issues and as we wrap things up they’re gonna have a greater understanding of the inequalities in the world and what they can do to make a difference.”

Through the game, the students were able to trade and bargain.

The trades were linked with an online component which can be viewed on smart phones.

Every time an item or commodity was sold the price would adjust online allowing them to see the updated value.

The excercise started with enough food to share with the entire or in this case the world, however students quickly began to replicate the world as we know it leaving the share of the food imbalanced.

Proceeds from the convention will go towards World Vision’s 40 hour famine, one of Australia’s biggest youth events.

Lauren Micallef, Student: “I did it last year and it was a really good experience. It was hard but it was worth it and we raised a lot of money for a good cause.”

The convention moves to the Gold Coast tomorrow and will eventually be held all around the country.

Teagan Sydes, QUT NEWS.